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Our Own Little Raptor


  • Just across the road from me (the photo I took from my bedroom window) is of one of the twin Catholic Churches in Wexford. On the high steeple a Peregrine Falcon usually has his perch so that he can keep his beady eye on any innocent birds flying in the area. It being a wet day today he appears to have retired to his other residence in the bell-tower of the near-by Franciscan friary. He obviously has a religious streak in him. The boys' school scraps nearby attract lots of hungry birds for him.


Well, that Falcon has invested in real estate then....good for him, he'll have a good retirement home.
Hi there,

thanks for the add! :)

I love your pics!
Love raptors!
The Clinic I work for introduced Peregrine Falcons to the city a few years back. I don't know if they still do, but they use to have a close circuit camera on their nest to watch the babies. :)
Hugs, Jon
Beautiful animal. There's a merlin which hunts around here.
What a handsome chap.

They tend to like towers and steeples of course.