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A Visit to Arles

Grace%20Mausoleum%20ArlesThis afternoon, with some of my colleagues, I visited a small village in Co. Carlow called Arles. Below is a view of the area. It is situated about midway between Carlow Town and Portlaoise. I had never been there before but today attended the burial of the brother of a dear friend of ours. There is a Roman Catholic chapel in the village and in the chapel-yard is a mausoleum (right) belonging to the Grace family which was erected in 1818 but includes members of the family dating back to 1708.

The origin of the Grace family goes back to the arrival of the Normans to Ireland in the 12th century. The name was originally 'Le Gras' and the family settled in the area around Arles. As a result of the Great Potato Famine in the 1840's one of the Graces emigrated to South America and was so successful in the shipping business (dealing in guano - bird droppings) that the well-known W. R. Grace Company was established in 1854. The Company became involved in the chemical industry in a big way and spread its interests into the airline industry and in many other directions.


What a nice place to visit.
Except it was bitterly cold.
What a lovely church and tranquil rural landscape. Brings peace to my heart.
I remember driving through Ireland with a girl from India. Her response was: "But where are the people?"

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What a wonderful mausoleum -- it looks like a miniature chapel, which is very soothing. The story of W. R. Grace and its connection to this peaceful village is also interesting.
Do I know you from another comm? :D
Yes. I have been trawling recently through some new posters for likely interesting people.
Love history. :)

They made a fortune shipping poop?
Hugs, Jon
wow it looks so quaint and pretty.