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Belvedere House

BelvederewindowWhile out walking yesterday I decided to have a look at the present state of Belvedere House. Belvedere is a large historic house situated on the highest level of Wexford town. It is a three-storey building, built in 1730, possibly incorporating fabric of an earlier house, pre-1700. It can be seen perched on the skyline in an old drawing of 1796 and belonged to the medical Hadden family. It is sad to see its condition now, partially inhabited, I think, by a traveller family and not even a conservation order on it since 2008.

I was interested in this house mainly because of its windows. There used be such a thing as a "Wexford" window. I have searched but so far I have succeeded in finding only two examples still in use in town, and lo and behold, I find 4 more in this one house alone at Belvedere!  A "Wexford" window consists of 2 moveable sashes of six lights each, plus a smaller sash of three lights above.


It's too bad such a historic house is not being kept in better condition. :(
Hugs, Jon
It's sad that we don't save our global historical sites more. I remember thinking the same about some of the monuments in Italy while I was there. Take the statue of David for example. It's a frame structure, with, from what I could tell, minimal security. Sad.