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Some have it rough.

Yesterday a despondent young man appeared at our door looking for someone to talk to. He lived in a rundown area on the outskirts of town, his partner and three children had left him, he was unemployed, had allowed himself to run into debt with his rent and electricity and had no money for fuel or food. He had no friends and spent his time alone staring at the walls of his cold Council house.

441946_originalHow many times have I heard such tales, only to learn afterwards that anything given was immediately squandered on drink! To counter this we have devised a voucher for callers which can be redeemed in the local corner shop for food only.

In this case, however, I could see the man was genuinely very distressed and possibly suicidal, but he swore he was not a drinker or on drugs. His main concern seemed to be that when his teenaged children visited him as legally allowed he had nothing to offer them. So to test him I asked him where he lived and if I could visit him that evening. I did that and was made welcome and saw his house - no electricity, no open fire, no TV, etc. I gave him enough cash to top up his electricity, buy some firing, and get a little food. He was extremely grateful.

I was very much inclined to believe his story but, just in case, this morning I checked with the local police to see if he was known to them - No, all clear on that front. I then got in touch with the Parish Sister who operates in his area. She and one of the parish curates promised to check out the man's situation and to get back to me. I have not yet found out why he cannot manage on what he receives from Social Welfare but I hope to learn that soon and try to get him out of his depression and back on his feet again.

This picture is not of me!!


I have a friend who doesnt get anough money each month to cover the bills, so I try to be supportive, and I send little gift cards .. to the gas station, to the grocery store, instead of cash. That way I know what it goes to.
Thank you for being there for him
those are the ones who need the presence those vowed to Jesus can give
yes, he needed money but he also needed someone who cared
both most go together words without material help are empty
Thank you for giving him a full cup
We get guys like that all the time, even if they have jobs it's never enough to cover rent AND food AND the heat. Some folks can stretch a dollar, but I have to defend a lot of guys who "waste" money on luxury items like cigarettes, often their only source of comfort.
Yes, I am not the proper judge of anyone else's "wastefulness."
What a great story of assistance to someone in need. Very inspirational.
Thank you.
It's very difficult to know what to do in these circumstances. I think you were very kind and did exactly the right thing. But how sad that people are in this position.
In the past, when I haven't wanted to just give cash, I have taken people shopping to the grocery or paid a utility bill for them. For several years I paid the property taxes and monthly money toward the mortgage of a house that was used as a spiritual center for my local Native American Indian community. I ceased that when they sold the house, disbanded, and moved back to the Reservation.

Well done! You helped him not only with his physical needs, but also gave him the listening ear he so needed.

- Erulisse (one L)
I don't know you at all - but I hope to meet you sometime. Compassion has a reward; I regret that I live someplace where little is found.
That was kind and good of you. I hope that he does find his feet. It has been my experience that people who feel they are not forgotten by their community but are instead supported by it are the ones most likely to become real parts of that community and one day find themselves in a position to give back in some way.
WOW, that is rough.
That is great that you have helped him out and care enough to look into his situation.
Hugs, Jon
That was a very kind thing you did. Some people are truly down and out. It's the ones who abuse people like you that makes it so hard to believe.
You are a good man!
Bless you for being there for him. I've had times when I've been in similar financial straights and wouldn't have survived without the help of others like you :)
I see an increasing number of people admitted to hospital with cold related conditions. Social welfare gives enough to eat or heat - it is not enough to cover both.

God bless people like you and those who can and do help :)
I suspect that the fact that you listened and actually took the time to visit has helped as much as the money. Depression is so debilitating and can drag someone right down. I hope that the help you have given him will enable him to take the steps he needs to get himself back into work or at least caught up with his payments so he can manage on whatever benefits he gets.
Thank you, my readers, for your kind remarks but I would imagine anyone in the circumstances would have done likewise.
I'm not convinced that your actions constitute the majority response, sadly.
More and more people are being dragged down to this by our assorted idiot politicians and as as the prophet said, you did what you could and no one could ask more.

I don't think the halo would suit you! :o)
You're an angel.
Compassion in action thank you
I can't imagine, here in my region, someone walking up to a stranger's door for solace. Is that as uncommon where you are as it is here?

This connects oddly well with the book I'm reading right now about the collapse of social capital and civic engagement. I wish more people everywhere had neighbors who they could connect an engage with, even superficially, when they're having a rough time.

And I wish more people were willing to go out of their way for someone else like you have here.
we need many more people like you in the world. such a kind soul. it's a shame that we need to be a little suspicious in these circumstances, but you did a great thing.