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Would you like to own your own cruise ship?

shipAn Irish newspaper yesterday carried a story about a cruise ship, crewed only by cannibal rats, which is thought to be heading our way. Maritime law dictates that if you discover a derelict vessel you are entitled to claim ownership and the previous owner must pay a release fee to get it back.

The Russian registered MV Lyubov Orlova it seems has been drifting in the Atlantic with no crew or tracking beacon for nearly a year. Those who know about such things think that recent winter storms may have driven the ship towards Irish shores.

Apparently the liner has developed quite a following across the world who are all dedicated to the search for her. So keep your eye out.


The media must have been very short of stories last week!
Maybe they will make a sequel to "Jaws" with it. lol

Edited at 2014-01-25 12:56 (UTC)
I saw this on the news the other day. It's the most bizarre story.
Nobody has seen this ship for a year, but suddenly they know that it's heading for Ireland, Scotland, or Southern England. They also know that it's full of cannibal rats.
That's a lot of knowledge about a ship that hasn't been seen for a year.
Hugs, Jon
It's entertaining, even if it's a non-story (and nonsense. Even assuming that new rats are born at a fairly fast rate, if there is no other food on board, there will be progressively less and less rats.)
If approached about salvage by Gabriel Byrne, DON'T GO.
Good! Like that.
The whereabouts of the ship were determined by the locator beacons on some lifeboats. Each lifeboat apparently has an Emergency Location Transmitter (ELT) that is triggered by water. One report has one ELT going ff, followed some time later by another and they were in different locations. Triggered by water, the theory is that the lifeboats were washed overboard at different points and the transmitters triggered by the fall into the water. Ocean currents being what they are, the Irish and northern UK west coast would be likely landing places.

Given the rumors re rats, best to just sink it in the middle of the ocean.
That's a very interesting comment. Landlubbers like me haven't the foggiest how these things work. Thank you.