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HEAR and not just read

david-suchetI'm sure we are all familiar with David Suchet acting in the TV series Poirot. How surprised I was to see today that this living legend has produced an audio version of the complete New International Version of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation which will be available at Easter 2014.

Suchet explains that he first became a Christian in 1986 and quickly realised that as an actor he had a particular gift he could use to share his faith. He says that for him it is a labour of love. He has big dreams for the recording, the fee for which he is donating entirely to charity.

I'm looking forward to having a copy.


I'd prefer the King James version myself as the language is just so poetic!
I use the Catholic Revised Standard Version myself but I also use a zipped prayer book sized full edition entitled Christian Community Bible (printed in China!).
I have the Protestant Revised Standard for everyday use but love the KJ for its quality of language- the Song of Songs is just not bettered in any other translation for example.

I just don't like the New International- it lacks something very fundamental imo.

I am a 17th century historian after all and eat, sleep and breathe the language of that era. :o)
But also a little dense. I like to have the KJV and the ESV open on biblestudytools.com where I can click on words and go to the original Hebrew or Greek. And then have the internet handy where I can search for interpretations of obscure passages. But it's slow going that way.
That's serious work. Congrats.
oooh - will he do it with a French accent?

I've been wanting to get an audio Bible. I've read and studied much of it, with my trusty Strong's Concordance, but I just don't have the time to read these days. So, I do audio books.
I hope not. Nor in his lifeless approach in the Poirot series. Give me the raincoat (Peter Falk) any day!
I've also been wanting an audio Bible, something I can listen to while I do other things like travel or paperwork or housework.

I went for a nosey online, you can get the different books or groups of books already but I couldn't find anywhere to listen to a clip. You need a good voice for it to be nice to listen to
I'm sure Suchet's voice might do the trick.
I can't re.ember his non Poirot voice but I'm sure you're right
Thank you so much for pointing this out - it sounds as if it will be really excellent.
I loved him in Poirot.
My ignorance makes me ask, what kind of accent does he have? Is he English? Not sure I could listen to him narrate in Poirot's voice. :p
Hugs, Jon
Yes, he's English.

The following short video will give you an idea of what to expect.

Much easier to understand then if Poirot were reading it. lol...
When I was teaching I had a collection of bibles. Some for the accuracy of translation and not every version could be counted on for both testaments. Then I had versions for the language used. There was a New Testament called the Philips translation that the students could use to get the feeling of the teaching but I did not use as the teaching text.
I taught college freshmen and while I wanted them to have a scholarly appreciation I also wanted them to experience the vital living word.

I don't think I would want an audio bible - David Suchet or not. I don't want to hear the words in someone else's voice.
St. Paul's followers and every Christian since heard it.
But yes, of course it is always better reflected on.