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Neknomination’ is a new craze in Ireland and has been linked to the death of two Irish teenagers over the weekend.

The game is a social media craze that involves people being nominated on Facebook (or other media) to down as many alcoholic drinks in a certain time as possible, posting a video of it online and challenging others via internet to do better.

The madness has spread from Australia and can involve young people on different sides of the globe interacting.



Sigh :o(

I don't understand the 'pleasures' of the bottle. Never shall. I saw alcoholism take a friend at uni. She was twenty years old.
The 'challenge' can be of any kind, e.g. being held head first into a toilet bowl for the longest period before being released.
The term 'brain dead' springs readily to mind.........
The Facebook page has been taken down after the recent death, and turned into an alcohol awareness page.
Thank you for that. Is it only in Northern Ireland that it has been removed?
No idea; for obvious reasons, I'm not in the habit of reading online news from the Republic of Ireland, or frequenting Facebook pages aimed at irresponsible youth.

Edited at 2014-02-04 11:47 (UTC)
Why does social media so rarely spread memes in which the kids go out and pick up as many pieces of litter as they can find in a nominated period? Or feed as many homeless as they can? Or clock up a few hours tutoring kids at local under-resourced schools?
This, absolutely!
South Africa has some 'positive' challenges e.g. giving as much food to the poor in a certain time.
Oh, well done, those people! I hope more follow suit!
What a great initiative.
This, totally. But I suppose activities like that don't let them prove what insipid bad-asses they are. *sigh*
sounds like something that happens all the time in real life (frat hazing springs to mind).

people "r" dumb. the net does not make them smarter.
Don't youngsters have different kinds of ideas what to play in their freetime? This shit is getting boring.
Another term for it is natural selection.
Pretty much what I was thinking.
UGH... I hope that most kids won't fall victim to that stupid "game". :o
Hugs, Jon
I hated any kind of dares when I was young. I refused to be drawn in, but unfortunately many young people want to be part of the "in" group and don't have the confidence to say no.

At least it looks as though Facebook have acted responsibly this time, though I'm sure these crazes are passed on via other media such as Twitter.
As if being dared by their local peers wasn't enough??

my kids told me about this, they are attempting to change it amongst their group of friends to each one daring the next to go one better in doing a good deed. This version of the neknominate game has lead my son in law to raising money for leukemia research by shaving his beard :) There are many, many idiot people out there, I'm glad my kids and their partners aren't part of that crowd.
Good on them. I hope they succeed in their "good" challenges.
Not going to pretend I don't drink, now and then. But I've never understood the desire for such terrible excess. I come from a family of alcoholics, so I suppose it's natural to wonder WHY... (sigh)

I wish young people wouldn't be swayed to try these terrible things. It's so disturbing...

There's no accounting for what youth will try.
Adults hold some responsibility when youth is allowed to do stupid things. I don't mean just parents and other family members...

More laws don't help. So I don't know what the answer is... (sigh)
This his absolutely horrifying. Much like the cinnamon challenge where they had to put large amounts of the spice in their mouths and post on line.