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New Ross Ship and Tapestry

We are experiencing unusually stormy weather in Ireland at present. New Ross, the next county town to us, lies on the estuary of the River Barrow and has a long low quayside which has been badly battered over the last few days causing flooding.

Two fairly well-known items have especially caused concern:

       - the "Dunbrody" ship, a full-scale replica of the original 19th century vessel which is connected with the John F. Kennedy family's emigration to America and which is berthed on the quayside.

       -  the wonderful Tapestry, 24 large panels, the largest in the world, of the history of the town since the invasion of Ireland by the Normans in the 12th century which is also housed on the quay across from the Dunbrody.

And more storms are forecast for the rest of the week!



YIKES, I hope that ship and the tapestry will be safe. Also that there is no major damage to the town.
We have lucked out on the latest snow storm moving across the country here. It's is staying mostly to the South of us. I will be so glad when Winter is finally over. Ugh...
Hugs, Jon
The latest from of wind and rain has now got across to us in the southeast of England.

Don't know about yours, but our politicians are proving to be bloody useless!
Storms here to thru the entire weekend.