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Who are the Irish in Sochai?

winterIreland is sending a five-strong team to the Winter Olympics in Sochi with athletes in action from today right through to the penultimate day of competition. Many of them, however, are not really "Irish" but of Irish background. We wish them well.

Seamus O'Connor (Snowboarding) (16) born in San Diago.
Seán Greenwood (Skeleton) (26) born in Canada.
Jan Rossiter (Cross Country Skiing) (26) born in Cork, based in Ontario.
Conor Lyne (Alpine Skiing) (26) born in England, based in Utah.
Florence Bell (Alpine Skiing) (17) born in England, declared for Ireland.



Good luck to them. :)
So do they have to give up their citizenships to their countries?
Hugs, Jon
To be honest, I'm not sure on what basis they are selected. All of these five appear to have Irish blood in their veins in one way or another. One would have to look very carefully to find snow in Ireland. Rain yes.
Wanna borrow some cold temps? You will have snow REALLY fast. lol..........
Over here we say you don't have to be born in Ireland to be Irish
I wish my Gallic was up to wishing them luck.
How about: Go n-éirí leo!
I would think that you could get a curling team up