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Garth Brooks

BrooksCountry music superstar Garth Brooks appears to have a lot of fans in Ireland. He was to do 3 gigs in Croke Park GAA Stadium (capacity over 80,000) in Dublin next July but tickets at €60 sold out so fast he had to extend his stay first to 4 gigs and then to 5 gigs and people are still looking for tickets. This certainly is a record for Ireland.

It has been 17 years since his last concert in Dublin. Despite his huge success, Brooks retired while at the peak of his career in 2001. But he announced in 2009 that he would come out of retirement and is now embarking on a world tour. Earlier this week, he told the BBC that Ireland was the best place in the world for him and his favourite place to sing.


WOW, that is impressive. :o

They NEVER really retire. lol........
Hugs, Jon
Wow, that is surprising.
He's an excellent performer and puts on a really good show. He quit touring after his divorce in December 2001 and even though he remarried in 2005, he didn't pick up touring again until several years afterward. He had a TV special during the holidays that I happened to catch and it was quite entertaining.

- Erulisse (one L)
if he continues the way he used to run his stage shows, then the audience will certainly get their money's worth from him. He used to be all over the stage during the sets; then, while the band members went off to have a drink before the next set, he'd pull up a stool and sit down and sing with his acoustic guitar.
Garth Brooks played the last Jay Leno show and his last number as the show closed was "I Have Friends In All The Low Places". That had to be a favorite of Jay Leno and the remarks by Garth Brooks as Jay closed out were classy.

I'm not a country fan but I'd pay good money to see him. I believe he is a class act and would put on a classy show.
I'm not a fan of most country music, but as it happened, in my low state I went and bought myself some cowgirl boots. We have many western themed events that I have to go to.