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Foreigners at Solchi

When the foreign media's preoccupation with fake photos of toilets, etc. becomes boring, maybe they could concentrate for a moment on the beauty, skills, and colour of the real Winter Olympics in Solchi. Thank you Russia.



Great moment during the men's cross country sprint semi final today. A Russian skier fell broke a ski, but continued to finish. Then fell again, and really destroyed his ski. Somebody came and gave him another ski so he could finish. It was really a great moment.
Not sure if he legally finished by getting that new ski, but it was still very moving. :)
That too me is the Olympics. :)
Hugs, Jon


Where's the fun in that? ;-)
I was a big olympics fan and liked winter sports but I have a problem with Sochi
My ancestor led a revolt against Russian domination.
I see too much of old Russia on display.
I use to skate competively. Not at the big "O", but it was fun. I use to be able to do that particular move that you posted.
Fair dues to you.