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With so many former colonies, they're bound to get confused, no?

The big news from the IOC at Sochi yesterday was that the ban on the flag of India was lifted and it could be carried again at the Winter Olympics. It was the first time in history that a suspension of a national Olympic committee had been lifted during the games. But after a special flag-raising ceremony in the Olympic Village yesterday their sports teams can now compete under their national flag.

In their reporting of the news, however, the BBC yesterday got its needles crossed and showed a photo of Katie Taylor leading out the Irish competitors at the 2012 London Olympics. An easy mistake, perhaps, as a floppy Irish flag sort of looks like the Indian flag, but there's the glaringly obvious 'IRELAND' sign being held up next to it!

india ireland flag


UGH to the BBC. :o

And a kind of UGH to the IOC for changing their minds part way through. What good is a punishment if you aren't going to really do it.
With that said, I am glad for the athletes of India that they can use their flag, but not for their Olympic committee.
Makes sense?
Hugs, Jon
Always good for an old colony to have a flag that can't be missed. : )
Oh dear... You might have thought the team members looked a bit un-Indian as well!
I didn't know that India had issues. The winter Olympics are not a major player in west coast USA entertainment.