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Re Comments

commentsHow should I react to comments on my postings?
Personally I feel that I have said all I wanted to say in the post itself but welcome comments.

If others leave comments on my post is it considered to be good manners and therefore necessary to reply to each and every comment made?

I may love to read peoples' posts and comments but do not always feel the urge to comment in print. Is this to be considered rude on my part?

I have been reading some notes on the etiquette of commenting in the following link that may be of interest to others:


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Hm, delicate topic for some, and I can only say what I think personally.

If others leave comments on my post is it considered to be good manners and therefore necessary to reply to each and every comment made?

I respond to every comment, not only because I enjoy the interaction (that's one of the main reasons for being on LJ for me in the first place), but because I'd think it was rude if I didn't. Or worse, only replied to select comments. It'd be like a friend stopping to say "hi" and totally ignoring them. I enjoy comments to my posts, and also think that if I don't respond, I soon wouldn't be getting any.

I have a few friends who seldom reply to comments, and it strikes me as sort of odd (and mutual friends have sometimes asked me, "What's with this person?", so I'm not alone in that). I don't expect a reply to every single comment I leave, and some don't really warrant a reply. But if I never even once hear back from the person I'm leaving comments to, I just stop commenting because I don't feel welcome to do so.

I may love to read peoples' posts and comments but do not always feel the urge to comment in print. Is this to be considered rude on my part?

Like I said, I can only speak for myself. I enjoy comments, but I don't expect or demand them. I wouldn't remove anyone for lack of commenting either, as some people are apt to do. I comment when I have something to say, otherwise not, because I think LJ should be fun and not "work". I often find something to say, though, and like I said, I enjoy comments to my LJ, and to get comments I have to do my part and interact as well.
This is more or less my policy too. If a conversation develops between other people in the comments thread then I'll not respond to every post, but I do acknowledge at least every person who posts. Or try to anyway. I may miss someone but it's not deliberate.
Personally, I always respond with a thank you if someone compliments me.
I try to respond to others but sometimes I just don't have words.

If no one responds to my posts, I try to be philosophical. But I do begin to wonder if I'm just too esoteric or boring.

If someone doesn't respond to a comment I make on their site - well, that is their option. I do wonder what they thought about my comment.
Not everything I say needs a reply. But if I have spoken to the topic, I wonder .

I ALWAYS appreciate a reply either on my site or to a comment I have left on another site.
I have often had replies from yourself - thank you. Much appreciated.
Respond to the ones that make you think of something worth adding.

Works for me.
Thank you. That is what I would like to do without offending others.
Each person varies on this, but I fall into the category of NOT responding to each comment. Each post I make has factors to it that alter this, though. Sometimes I comment back to every commenter; sometimes none; sometimes only some!

I think it's okay to find what we're individually comfortable with and people who are okay with that will find us! I have a terrific group of friends on LJ and no one has ever mentioned any lack on my part, even though some of them feel the need to "catch up" with all posts and comment back to each commenter. To each his own, I say.
I feel that as long as you are upfront about your own style, it's fine. I welcome comments on my journal and sometimes get into long discussions. But I also sometimes am at work 14 hours a day and have no energy to respond. So I encourage a 'talk amongst yourselves, I'll try to leap in' environment ;-)
I don't think it's rude at all not to comment on entries. At least for my journal. Many of mine are political in nature and that's not for a lot of people. :p
Hugs, Jon
Well, it is nice to comment if you have anything to say, lets the blogger know that the post didn't fall, unread, into the Howling Ether. . . but I wouldn't strain myself.

I do try to respond to every comment in mine, but sometimes there's nothing to say. (Then there was the time that I screened comments because someone kept coming back making responses that were increasingly rude, and then got a pingback that let me read about how I was so insecure as to want to the last word.)
Most of the time I don't respond to comments, unless the comment asks me a question, or if the commenter is one of a very few that I have a long and playful history with.
I like that idea of occasionally posting a brief statement about appreciating comments but not always having the time and/or energy to respond.

I always try to reply if someone compliments one of my photos or says something nice about an item I've crocheted, but there are times when I might post quite late at night and then be working the next day. In that case I may be very slow to respond to comments and sometimes don't manage it at all. I do feel a bit guilty, but I just hope that as long as I reply to everyone at some point, it won't matter that I can't reply to all the comments on every post.


Please could you tell me why I have been banned from commenting on your LJ? Unless this is an error, I would request you to remove me from your list. I am not in the habit of leaving offensive comments on anyone's LJ.

There must be some mistake dear.
I have not banned you from my list of friends at all.
Welcome. Delighted to have you.
on my personal lj, i prefer to "have the last word".

but if i make a comment on someone else's journal or blog, i do not expect them to comment back UNLESS something i said really moved them in one way or another.
I don't respond to all comments or replies; not all require it.
It is your journal so if you want to comment then do so, and if you don't feel like it then don't. Nobody will take offense. I welcome lurkers in mine, too.
I tend to take the view your blog, your rules.

For myself, I do attempt to respond to everyone if I have time, although if people have been having a conversation in my absence, I simply let them engage as long as it's kept polite which it almost invariably is.
Thank you. It is yourself I had mainly in mind. You are so faithful to always reply. I feel guilty if I miss replying.
Bless you.
I would say that it's common courtesy to read any comments, but that not all comments demand a response.
If a comment contains a question, or a request for more information - or even a misconception that needs correcting, then it is polite to always respond where possible.
If you and the person generally 'touch base' through comments, then of course you reply, and you'd be in the habit of doing so.
The rest of the time, it's entirely up to you as a heavily-commented LJ can eat your spare time if you respond to all comments. The dreaded me-too/me-three interaction can be a result.
I respond to as many comments as I can because I have plenty of spare online time in which to do so - and because I don't receive many. You do, so without some kind of triage system you'd spend all day in LJ.
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