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First Winter Olympics, Chemonix 1924

140211_RING_1924_fourmanbob_jpg_CROP_promo-large2 140213_RING_1924_clearing_jpg_CROP_original-original
Bobsleighing                                                      Clearing the arena

140213_RING_1924_curling_jpg_CROP_original-original Curling

140211_RING_1924_skatecouplehoriz_jpg_CROP_promo-large2   Skating


Very cool pictures.
It's nice to see the Olympics before things got overly complicated. :)
Hugs, Jon
Thank goodness the Games have continued to expand. I just love all of the variety of sports that are included now.

- Erulisse (one L)
I love these photos! The bobsled run is amazing (and was probably lethal to the riders). And curling, even back then. Who would have guessed?
Thanks for the pictures!
It was all outdoors so the skaters had to dress warmly but no triple jumps in those outfits,
Have you seen the Norwegian curling team's outfits? Last time round they had plus fours and hats!
looks a lot more fun than the modern stuff...