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Pope Francis Twitters.

I haven't got into the Twitter craze yet but I see that the Pope has and it has become one of the greatest surprises. The Pope's Twitter account in Latin has surpassed all expectations. It was expected to draw some 5,000 followers. Instead, it has over 213,000.

Though it may sound rather ironic, a language that hasn't been spoken in centuries has become a prime way to use one of the most modern and popular communication tools today. What we usually have to say with 12 or 14 words, in Latin about four words are enough.

His account is: @Pontifex_ln

 For Valentine's Day his message was:

"Iuvenes – ne vereamini matrimonio iungi. Alicui quidem fideliter et fecunde coniungi iucundum est."

People with a bit of Latin often re-post it in their own lingo, e.g.

In English: "Young people, let you not be afraid to marry. A faithful and fruitful marriage will bring you happiness."

In Irish: "A dhaoine óga! Ná bíodh eagla oraibh pósadh. Bronnfaidh pósadh dílis agus torthúil sonas oraibh."

Yesterday' message was: "Deum precemur pacem in Africa, praesertim in Republica Africae Mediae atque Sudania Australi."

Maybe you would like to try your hand at it and re-post it yourself?


I knew he had an account, but it's in Latin? :o

I barely made it through a year of high school German. LOL.........
*hangs head in shame*
Typical American. :p
Hugs, Jon
I think he must have accounts in many languages. I've been reading the English-language account, which is at @Pontifex. It makes sense, since there are Catholics who speak many languages.

I've also noticed that the Pope's tweets seem to appear on a regular schedule, which makes me think that they must be written ahead of time and set to release at a certain time.

The way I noticed was that Pope Francis' tweets often appear within minutes of the Dalai Lama's tweets (@DalaiLama). It's amusing how often they touch on the same theme.
I could be totally wrong, but I thought I had heard some where that he doesn't actually write his tweets.
I wonder if they mean he doesn't do the physical tweeting, but does write what is put on there.
That would make sense - his schedule must be terribly busy. Could be he composes a bunch of tweets in advance, then his staff sends them out.
I would imagine that is how they do it.
Interesting about the Dalai Lama
Not about to start translating, but that is totally wonderful.

The Finnish government, when it had the presidency of the European Union in 2006, sent newsletters in Latin:-) There's life in the old lingo yet...
I understand that German students are very keen on the Latin.
I did Latin to O-level at school, but that was a long long time ago! I could get as far as "God" and "peace in Africa", but then stuck. I have therefore cheated and used Google translate to come up with:

We pray God for peace in Africa, especially in the Central African Republic and South Sudan.
Full marks - even if you cheated.
My Latin's school standard only (bitty with dreadful comprehension of grammar), as I'm self-taught, but I'll try and assemble it...

"Deum precemur pacem in Africa, praesertim in Republica Africae Mediae atque Sudania Australi."

Republica Africae Mediae: Central African Republic
Sudania Australi: Southern Sudan
Deum: extremely obvious - 'to God'
pacem: peace
precemur: going by my knowledge of sung masses, it's part of the verb 'to pray'
praesertim: it's an adverb and I'm not sure of the exact appropriate meaning, but it'd be something like 'principally'
atque: can be 'and' but it's more or a 'not only, but also' in its meaning - remember that Hail And Farewell is 'Ave atque vale'.

So...bit stilted, but:

"Let us pray to God for peace in Africa, principally in the Central African Republic, also in southern Sudan."

Edited at 2014-02-16 13:31 (UTC)
Obviously an honours student!
Definitely not - I only lasted half a term on the Classics degree course before yet another nervous breakdown - but I am getting the feeling that I'm the only person who didn't break out the dictionary to decipher the tweet.
I shall feel smug for about as long as it takes me to type this sentence.
Pray for peace in Africa. especially the Central Republic of Africa and Southern Sudan. Or words to that effect.
I was considered too dim to be taught Latin in school but the hub recalls once in his youth having managed to hold a conversation with an elderly Italian priest in Latin in the days before he picked up Italian. :o)
Good on him. Has he gotten 'Twitter' yet?
Both of us only own mobiles under sufferance even though I was an early adopter, so twittter's pretty unlikely.