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KievSad to see the turmoil taking place in Kiev at the moment. Please God it will not flare up into full civil war.


At least one person I know from Ukraine has already called it a revolution.
Sad indeed. :(
It may be early to tell, but at this stage the police forces seem firmly behind the government, the military have taken no action, and the protestors have no armed forces to speak of. So, very little chance of a civil war. More likely the protestors will be beaten off.
How should police and military respond in such cases? Where does their 'duty' lie?
Technically, in most cases, they have loyalty to the constitution. In reality, they are usually the people who make the final decision in a civil conflict - and if they're split, then a civil war begins.
pity that some people want to return to the politics of the 1950's
We live in a global world
we have to move beyond sectionalism
but it seems to be all about money for the government.
In this case it's the usual Russian/EU divide.
It's not quite as simple as that.

Ukraine itself is divided- the west is pro Europe and the east pro Russia- it divides upon ethnicity- Ukrainian speakers in the west, Russian speakers in the east.

The former Soviet Union attempted to flood Ukraine with ethnic Russians and it isn't working any longer.

As someone wiser than me once said, Russia with Ukraine is an empire, Russia without Ukraine is not an empire....
As you know, I've spent my life studying civil war, rebellion and revolution and sadly, I'm beginning to recognise the signs.

It'll now depend which way the police and military jump.
It is always a dilemma for police and military in these cases. I often ask myself how should they respond. Which way does their 'duty' lie?
As one often finds, their duty lies in protecting the people, not the polity and that's the way it often ends up working out.
But who decides when it is considered to be loyal to properly constituted authority and when it is justifiable revolt? e.g. Zimbabwe, Syria, Egypt, North Korea, and now Ukraine.
It's justifiable when the polity no longer represents a majority of the people they claim to represent or when they're in hock to a foreign power as they plainly also are here. I fear that Putin's money is behind this particular piece of monumental government corruption.

In our own islands the civil wars started when the King decided to make a grab at absolutism and failed.
Our news is saying that it is Putin's money that is driving government actions.

Our civil war was in part( if not all) about money. Slavery meant money in the south. Pierce and Buchanan vacillated letting the south hope they could expand slavery into the new territories. With Lincoln's election the secession elements in the south gained control of the legislatures. Compromises in congress had not calmed the south.