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Water, Water, everywhere . . .

water3We in these parts have learned the hard way recently how important it is for us to respect and manage our water supplies. One of the lessons of the earth’s waters is that what happens upstream is connected with what happens downstream. What can we do to lessen the effects of violent storms like we have had recently on innocent people going about their lives and businesses?

The UN Year of Water Cooperation (2013) concluded only a few weeks ago. So it might be an apposite moment to reflect on what the waters have taught us during that year and in the last six weeks. As the life-blood for our planet and our human race, water teaches us about our common source and our common future, and our fragile communion. I think people have only now begun to realize that.

We might do worse than reflect on Noah and his famous Ark. It was not actually raining when he set to work building it. We plan ahead in so many other areas - Christmas shopping in July, Retirement accounts, etc. Are we planning ahead for the rainy day?


I am sure you could sell some of that extra water to California. They are going through a draught. Of course the President has pledged a butt load of money to help fix things. Sadly, I am sure that means taking water away from somebody else so that California can have it. Typical reaction. :o
Hugs, Jon
Thy're throwing money at the flooded regions here in the UK too, although it'd have been better if they hadn't performed prodigies of teh stoopid in the name of ecology in areas that need careful land managment and drainage in order to preserve water voles (which have now all drowned) in the first place! :o/
I've seen flood waters like that. Very scary.