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May a man marry a man?

gayIn the light of modern debate on the subject of Gay marriage it is interesting to note that it was also being debated in the 13th cent. Homophobia is a big subject of contention in Ireland at the moment because of a recent TV episode.

Hostiensis was a medieval philosopher and canon lawyer of the mid-13th cent. He and his contemporary philosophers were then engaged in an exploration of the nature of sexuality. They had concluded that there could only be one form of proper sexual intercourse: It had to be between a man and a woman, and it had to be open to at least the theoretical possibility of procreation. No strange positions. No coitus interruptus. No oral intercourse, or anal intercourse. No potions that had the effect of inducing sterility. No masturbation. Any form of sexual expression, except heterosexual sex open to procreation, was criticized as unnatural.

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In a word, yes, if he and his partner like. :o)

As far as I'm concerned if people do squidgy stuff together an' it harm none and they enjoy it then it's natural.

'Unnatural' is a phrase much favoured by bigots and narrow minded pedants.

Hostiensis was stating an opinion and it's no more valid than yours or mine or anyone else's- it's an opinion and perhaps he needed to get a life and to mind his own damn business.