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For the last few days I have been wishing people, and they have been wishing me, a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Before that we have been wishing each other a HAPPY or MERRY CHRISTMAS. What is this 'happiness' we've been wishing one another to experience?

Does everyone experience 'happiness' in the same way? Is there an obligation on the State or the Church, or other institution, to provide happiness for its people or am I myself responsible for achieving happiness by my own efforts and that it is my friends' wish that I have the strength to be able to do that? I can't recall experiencing during 2015 any particular 'happiness' or 'happinesses' that I had been wished. Is it because I simply failed in my own efforts to attain that happiness?

I ask myself: Is happiness the same thing as a state of continual well-being, love, pleasure, peace, joy, merriment, hilarity, good fortune, exhilaration, bliss, etc. If so, surely no one I know has achieved happiness. For Catholics, I know, the ultimate end and purpose of human existence is a "blessed happiness" or "Beatific Vision" and that in temporal life, the contemplation of God is the supreme delight and will be attained not in this life but in the next. Is this what I am been wished?

Does everyone experience happiness in the same way? What were those friends - or even strangers - who wished me a Happy Christmas or a Happy New Year really wishing for me? Could it have been close relationships, quantity of relationships, quality of relationships, or something else which could lead to happiness?


You have a habit of asking the deep ones!

I'd consider myself happy although it was not always so for reasons you're aware of.

Knowing who you are helps an awful lot! :o)

I should think that knowing who you are and accepting it forms a large part of being 'happy'.
You won't hear me arguing about that!