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For the last three weeks, right through the Christmas, Ireland has been inundated with rain and floods. It was the worst for 130 years, probably much longer. Farms, roads, business premises, homes and their contents were destroyed, and sewage systems and electricity were knocked out of service.

And we are promised at least two more weeks of it. It will take hundreds of millions of euro to go some way to remedy the damage done to property not to mention such personal things as family photos, heirlooms, etc. that are irreplaceable.

Much of the dwelling places and businesses were not insured because insurance was not to be bought because of previous flooding in some areas.

Thanks be to God I myself escaped the floods (if not the rain) because I am living on a height above the town even if beside the River Slaney.


Glad your home wasn't affected! Wow, that flooding does look severe.
It must be awful to have your home awash - and that for weeks.
I am so sorry. I sure wish we had a way to ship it all to where it could be of use.
There is no justice in the world!
glad you are safe

a good portion of middle US states are badly flooded and tornados in the south have caused devastation

my little island is safe - the sun shines - it is winter cold but the water flows not yet frozen
a red geranium blooms in my window

may all be safe and the sun shine!
Isn't that nice. Cherish it.
Huge flooding in the north and west over here too.

My heart aches for those poor folks! :o(
Yes, I think the Lake District was worse than the Shannon River.
Pretty bad- and that's the third year running!
I'm glad you stayed dry!

I lived in a neighborhood that flooded in 2010, and it was a fairly traumatic experience, although -we- were the first house high enough not to take in water. We didn't have flood insurance either because we weren't in a flood plain (the storm sewage system backed up onto several neighborhoods.)

It was bad, but it was also summer. I cannot imagine how uncomfortable and awfu this is in the heart of the winter!

ETA: Lots of survivor guilt, too, since we weren't flooded and our neighbors were. We spent a lot of time working in their houses, but after a couple of weeks, there wasn't much to do.

Edited at 2016-01-06 13:54 (UTC)
The one good thing is the wonderful work done by volunteers, neighbours, and the Services.
The December whether has really hammered the north and west of the British Isles. I'm glad that you escaped the flood. We were fine too because our house is well above the flood level, but I feel so sorry for those whose houses and businesses were inundated.
I am so sorry to have heard about the floods on TV. I thought of you and am pleased you are safe and sound. Have the farmers lost their crops or have they been harvested already?