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Where is Arthur's Isle of Avalon?

Many places have been thought to be it. It may cause a bit of a stir then that an English author, Eric Walmsley, wrote a book in 2013 called 'King Arthur's Battle for Britain' in which he claims to have finally solved the mystery. Eric spent 10 years researching for his book and has claimed that the real 'Isle of Avalon' is in fact Our Lady's Island which is about 10 miles from me here in Wexford. For many years now it has been a centre for Catholic devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The book came from Eric’s discovery of an ancient Latin text in the British Library that listed the twelve battles of King Arthur. He believes he has found convincing locations for all of Arthur’s battles and that it was Arthur’s own kith and kin who plotted his demise at the battle of Camlan.

(The photo attached is by local photographer Monta Ramina)


Rather a shame that Arthur is a myth.............
You never know! Legends have long lives.
What a lovely place. Even if Arthur isn't interred here, I think he wouldn't mind the location.

- Erulisse (one L)
Yes indeed, it really is a lovely place. Many a time I have joined a religious procession of hundreds around it.