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One of our local bars here in Wexford, Simon Lambert & Sons, has won the prize for its new half pint glass. Congrats. The pub’s hilarious glasses make ordering a half pint of Guinness or beer cool. Now it seems it is the people with the full pints are the ones who are missing out. The pub has been flat out serving half pints since.

Unfortunately all the half pint glasses have been nicked from the pub! So until they get more at some point in the future, they are putting the last one in a glass cabinet, just in case of emergencies.

But they still have a fine selection of glasswear which they are more than happy to fill for you with their own freshly brewed #YellowBelly Beer. The Wexford GAA teams are often called the Yellow Bellies.

We Irish have a terrible name for drinking and drunkenness. But it has been the tradition that bars do not open at all on Good Friday. This year, however, there is a great clamour to have this law removed from the statute books. Apparently we cannot survive for one day in the year without pub crawling even though one can buy as much alcohol as one wants in off-licenses and super markets on the previous Thursday!


That's funny. A friend of my mom's used to have a coffee cup that looked like these. She didn't use it, though; it was just on the shelf as a decoration.

Did those stolen glasses disappear all at once, or have pub patrons walked off with them one at a time? Maybe when they re-order, the owners should have the pub's name printed on the glasses. Then, if customers nick them, the glasses can serve as advertisements for the pub, similar to when a business provides customers with pens printed with the company logo. (Or the pub could offer them for sale.)
Patrons ran off with them thinking, perhaps, they might prove valuable later if scarce.
Don't drink the stuff myself, but that's clever! :o)
Sounds like the Irish also have a terrible name for stealing barware.
What a great idea 1/2 pint of beer. I like beer, but it has to be COLD, and serving it 1/2 pint, sounds like it would work for me!