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Christmas in Georgia is celebrated on 7th January. An important tradition there is a march through the streets of cities and towns singing an ancient song called "Alilo". A very good friend of mine, Eduardo Obuf, from Botosani in Romania, has made me aware of it and I think it is fantastic. Have a listen:

I understand the English version would be something like:

"On the 25th of December the Christ was born in Bethlehem and
Angels are chanting, glory to the Lord in heaven and
When the shepherds heard about this, they went and payed tribute to Him,
Merry Christmas, I'm the annunciator of Christmas and
Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, let there be peace!"


Yes. I agree.
Georgia on your mind?
I think I ought to investigate more Georgian music; there's a certain something to it, which this, which I encountered a couple of years ago, also has.
Yes. I have been checking up on some other singing of their tradition since I have heard 'Alilo'.
Old Christmas day! Our friend, Anna, in Moscow will be celebrating now as she's Orthodox.