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Is not this a fantastic achievement by a very much dissabled person?
How can people lightly discuss abortion?



I don't think people lightly discuss abortion; it is that many people simply are pro-choice rather than anti-choice.
Is that itself not lightly treating abortion - just a matter of choice?
No, far, far, FAR from it.

It is saying that you as a person have a right to your own life and body. We live in a world where people can plan if they want to get pregnant or have children to a point that was not previously (and safely) available beforehand. I thank god that we can.

On the otherhand, the position your statement advocates (that considering abortion a "matter of choice" is treating abortion lightly) seems more so to treat the lives of people (mostly women) lightly. They are more than just simple incubators for fetuses; they have the right to be able to determine their lives as they seem fight, right? They are people in and of their own right.

You don't have to agree with it, but it would be nice if you respected it and realized where someone is coming from.

And, also, I echo cmcmck...I'm not sure what that post had to do with abortion.

It's a fabulous story but abortion has nothing to do with it.
1. - women do not take abortion lightly - they never have
it is a weighty decision made with doctors and partners and, if they believe, god
it is difficult to obtain for many women taking determination and endurance

2. i have had clients with CP - some more disabled than others
some made the most of their lives
some were despondent and miserable