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Caravans of coach buses carrying families from all over Italy streamed into Rome the other day in support of the traditional family, in opposition to a new bill aimed at giving legal recognition to homosexual unions and adoption by same-sex couples. (Is not this somewhat strange for Italy when even the Mafia, their hoodlums, call themselves "families"!)

Of course the State should always go out of its way to support the family, in particular the faithful and exclusive union between a married man and a woman and their children. But the state itself, can destroy the traditional family by replacing fatherhood via social welfare.

It has been predicted before that the family would perish, and people would prefer friends. The family has altered, but it has proved remarkably resilient, all the same. The seeming neglect and abandonment of the principles of family have made many people miserable. Family is not only wholesome and good for children's development, they say, but it's also a proven good with regard to the economy.

I think we should be nuanced about "the family". Christian communities such as monasteries and convents long, long ago, rejected tribal pressures to conform to a purely family model. The Old Testament emphasised links of kinship; but the New Testament broadens the notions of brotherhood and sisterhood.

The notions of brotherhood and sisterhood have been broadened, but how sincere and deep can these "family" ties be? Have they the capacity for love and support that one acquires as the result of loving and being loved by one's family of origin?


See, I was rejected and thrown out by my 'natural family'.

Not a single friend (and I count my husband as a friend with whom I happen to have lived long term) has ever done that to me.

You still don't seem quite able to get that you don't have to be straight to form a family.

Btw, I saw some of the posters the said 'pro family' organisation had up in Rome before Christmas- they were horrendous, hate filled and disturbing. Christian they most certainly were not.
I'm trying to come to grips with it. For me it takes time and reflection.

Oh, I know- my own spirituality is very inward as Quakers tend to be- it allows time to undo all the hurt that people have caused.

Forgiveness is sometimes such a very big word!
"I think we should be nuanced about "the family".

thank you for broadening the concept of family

the movie "Moonstruck" ends with the family, including the rejected brother, drinking a toast "a la familia"

i used to use that when i closed the annual luncheon meeting of one on my Boards. People who gather together for common cause and support one another's work are "family".

Blood ties do not a family make. History and personal experience gives much proof of that.
Love that reflects the love of god for his people makes family.

That gathering and love can be found in many places.
But what do 'blood ties' make?
sometimes a bond sometimes a feud

i saw enough in my paternal family to know that love doesn't come with the family name

i have 13 maternal cousins - only one have i seen as an adult and i have not seen her in five years - she sends me a christmas card
five of these cousins i have never met
some years ago i tired to re-establish family connections by sending christmas cards to all whose addresses i could get from my aunts and uncles who were still living -

one had a family member who wrote back and said that their father was dead
of the others only 3 responded and we send christmas cards

i have friends who are closer than that
fortunately, my husband's family although at a distance are loving and keep in touch

family are people who love and care for you

family are 2 individuals who pledge their love and support
family are people who come together to nurture children

did not Jesus ask who was his brother ad sister?

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Gays learned long ago that "family" is the people who love and accept you. The desire for a family is strong in most people. It seems perverse that a government, much less a church, would make such a desire illegal.

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