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For many probably the whole notion of Lent itself!

Lent reminds us of the gospel story of Christ's overcoming of temptation in the desert. Mark gives us the short version: the Spirit drove Jesus into the wilderness, he was there forty days, Satan tempted him, wild beasts kept him company.

It is really a period for finding out what life is like without the usual painkillers or sweeteners; for bringing a bit of discipline into my life. I suppose I need the occasional 'wilderness' in my life; a space to appreciate what are the real values of life; to view my life from the margins; as a homeless person might.


The last time I gave up something for Lent it was losing my temper in queues! Much better for me than other forms of self denial and made me more patient longer term too.

The last few Lents I have taken up rather than put down, so am doing my blogging at the other LJ and giving more to charity.
Well done. What do you mean by "the other LJ"?
Sorry, didn't make myself clear. At <lj user="mylodon"). I think we're friend there too. :)
Thank you. That's what I thought it might be.
Since we (Quakers) don't mark the traditional religious year in quite this way, nothing, but I'll try to be aware of friends who are.
Yes, I suppose we all need a "wilderness" at times to take stock of what we're at.
your undertaking sounds challenging, exciting and a new perspective on a traditional time
an opportunity for new insights and new understanding

i applaud you for taking a new approach

in my way, living with the rhythms of nature, the prayer for January through March, when the activity of nature is hidden, is "let the seed within you grow"

May your Lent be fruitful
I don't attempt too much. A little at a time.
I don't follow this tradition, but i will keep you in my thoughts.