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Our "Yankee Slip".

On my afternoon stroll along the north bank of the river Slaney yesterday afternoon I passed our short-lived "Yankee Slipway". This is a wide slip edging into the water.

During the last few months of WW1 Irish coastal waters became inundated with German U-Boats which began to play havoc with transatlantic shipping. To combat this, the British Admiralty constructed a naval air base here in Wexford which was completed by the US Navy in October 1918. The station covered the coast line from Dublin to Cork and across the Channel to France and England as far as Liverpool. The base was well protected from wind, waves and weather due to the almost land-locked harbour. It is also easily accessible for transportation and shipping.

Five Curtiss H16 Flying Boats arrived for patrol. They bombed their first German sub within 3 days and four more in the following weeks. After that "Kaiser's Tin Cans" became very scarce. The planes made 98 sallies in the first 8 weeks.

However, the armistice bringing the 1914-1918 war to an end also brought the fledgling army base to an end! Little remains of it except the "Yankee Slip" and its little rail system used for launching and retrieving planes, the officers' HQ which is now a small hospital, and a pole mount for the station wind sock!


How interesting!
How interesting. I wasn't aware of this.

And I'm sorry I missed posting yesterday. I'm so sorry you lost a good friend. *hugs*

- Erulisse (one L)
Thank you.
The Curtiss fascinates me as Short flying boats were built right on my doorstep here before the company moved to Belfast!
That's interesting. They expected to have 18 in Wexford but the armistice caught up on them.