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We have a national election on Friday next. All the prospective politicians are clamouring for our votes. Our voting system is by secret ballot on the principle of a complicated proportional representation in multi-seat constituencies.

In our last election, five years ago, 60 year old Mick Wallace, a very late independent contender, upset the apple cart here in Wexford by topping the poll. Mick is a local property developer who lost all his money in the recent financial crisis.

Since his election in 2011 he has spoken out and campaigned against austerity, drug policy, and discrimination against women. He has alleged malpractice in the police force and queried whether the presence of (US) military aircraft at Shannon Airport is a violation of Irish neutrality.

But it is his appearance that really sets him apart. The photo shows him in his normal informal get-up in and out of the chamber! Hardly Eton, or Westminster! Is this the way politics is heading?


> Mick is a local property developer who lost all his money in the recent financial crisis.

Given that real estate speculation was a causal factor in the financial crisis there is a certain amount of irony there.
There sure is.
I think it is good to have someone who chooses not to comply visually - it gives the faint hope that they might not comply in other ways to become someone whose first thought is always how not to lose his seat, rather than what is best!

If a business deals extensively with the public, is it appropriate to require certain standards of appearance, depending on the kind of business. If so, should some basic rules be laid down?. Surely this should be the case in a National Parliament?
But then a parliament is meant to represent the people... and a lot of people don't wear shirts and ties or have regulation hair-cuts.
This is definitely the age of the "Outsider". He looks like Gandalf's younger brother (but still a wizard). At least he is saying the right things, compared to the fool who is running for the American presidency, the Orange Man himself, the Donald.

I hope he does well if he is good to his word and not just selling Florida waterfront property.
I actually saw Wallace yesterday when he was canvassing close-by. A follower of his had a dog dressed in the famous pink shirt that Wallace always wears!