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On this day two years ago (25th February, 2014) I wrote in my journal here the following words from Thomas Merton:

" Keeping a journal has taught me that there is not so much new in your life as you sometimes think. When you re-read your journal you find out that your latest discovery is something you already found out five years ago. Still, it is true that one penetrates deeper and deeper into the same ideas and the same experiences."

How true!

Merton (1915-1968) was a Trappist monk, one of the most well-known and influential Catholic writers of the 20th century. Last year Pope Francis said of him: Merton was "a source of spiritual inspiration and a guide for many people. . . . above all a man of prayer, a thinker who challenged the certitudes of his time and opened new horizons for souls and for the Church. He was also a man of dialogue, a promoter of peace between peoples and religions."


i have been keeping a written journal steadily for 45 years and sporadically before that

the early ones are all packed away
when i go back five years or so i see that i think about the same themes at the same time of year

I've read Merton's journal when the unexpurgated ones were published
he became much more "human" to me and therefore more impressive
Are you going to publish yours?
I'm sure they would be interesting!
they are very very personal!
i haven't decided what should happen to them after my death
I keep a hard copy journal as well as this one and there really ARE changes in that one as I've kept it since I was fifteen! :o)
Do you have time to read it?
It must be interesting to go back that far.
I do occasionally look back for reminders of what was going on at a given time.
That is so true, and yet it is always new.