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Годовщина гибели Немцова.
На его мосту полно людей,
One of my Russian LJ friends posted on Saturday about his friend Boris Nemtsov as it was the anniversary of his assassination on a bridge near the Kremlin in Moscow last February.
Nemtsov was a Russian  physicist, statesman and liberal politician and was one of the most important figures in the introduction of capitalism into the Russian post-Soviet economy. He had a successful political career in the 1990s under President Boris Yeltsin, and since 2000 had been an outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin.
His conflict with Putin's government was based on his own criticism of what he perceived as an increasingly authoritarian, undemocratic regime, more recently, on widespread embezzlement and profiteering and on Russian political interference and military involvement in Ukraine.  Since 2008 he had been regularly publishing in-depth reports detailing corruption under Putin, which he connected directly with the person of the President.
During his life Nemtsov held many important political positions and after his death the New York Times said of him: "he was one of the brilliant young men who burst onto the Russian stage at that exciting moment when Communist rule collapsed and a new era seemed imminent."
He was held in very high esteem by the people as is seen as they visited the bridge where he was shot four times in the back last year.


This is the sort of thing we might have to get used to in North America under a Trump administration. Putin does not even do much to hide his fingerprints with this.
Let's not see it happening.