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I'm musing today about the nature of intercessory prayer.

Because I live in a small religious community people seem to think that I have a special entree into the ear of the Almighty. They ask me to pray for a friend of theirs who is suffering from terminal cancer of the liver, etc.

I ask myself if a God who intervenes directly in human affairs is the one I now believe in. But then I ask, what kind of God do I believe in? These and similar questions keep disturbing my peace. I recognize in these halting questions the relentless love of a God who is opening my heart to a wider reality. In these questions I seem to be hearing for, perhaps, the first time the real voice of God, the voice that disturbs and challenges? I realize that what God is doing for me is giving me a sense of who God really is. The God who beckons me into the future is not the God of my youth or even of my middle age. It is not God who has changed, it is my perception of the Mystery I call God, that is evolving in me. This God is calling me again and again to move beyond my zones of comfort and security. Hence my dilemma.

Caryll Houselander sums it up like this:

"God will enter into your night,
as the ray of the sun enters
into the dark, hard earth,
driving right down
to the roots of the tree,
and there, unseen, unknown,
unfelt in the darkness,
filling the tree with life,
a sap of fire
will suddenly break out,
high above that darkness,
into living leaf and flame."


What a lovely poem.

There are things I feel distinctly uneasy about praying for - good weather for the church fete springs to mind - but praying for god to work in people's hearts and minds I feel entirely happy with.
Wonderful! Thank you!
Thank you for those words.
What a lovely poem.
I think it is always worthwhile to move beyond one's comfort zones- that's the path of real wisdom.

The poem says it all really :o)
Yes, thank you.

We are connected in mysterious ways.
Prayer can't hurt.
i agree with Bobby

i tell people here i will keep them in my prayers because that is what they expect to hear

what energy my thoughts create and how it might effect their situation is a mystery

i'm willing to be part of that mystery and not to understand it