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2016 marks the centenary of The Easter Rising in the Republic of Ireland.. This uprising was one of the defining moments of the struggle for Irish independence which began on Easter Monday 1916 with the reading of the proclamation, Poblacht na h-Eireann, by Pádraig Pearse. After days of fighting on Dublin city streets, there were approximately 300 civilian casualites and the executions of sixteen rebel leaders.
Each year at Easter, we remember and honour those who took part and gave their lives during the Easter Rising, and with the launch of an extensive programme of events, 2016 brings about a massive commemoration centred in Dublin where it all took place.
Across this weekend many memorial services will take place in the city and across the country.



Happy Easter!!

In case you missed it
i honored the Easter Rising
in my St Patricks Day posting
i give you this from that posting

255 annual parade
the Irish are a part of our history
"some have come
from a land beyond the wave"
woven into our story
Irish songs our songs

and both our anthems made from struggle
from the fight
"the rockets red glare
the bombs bursting in air
gave proof through the night"

so together we sing our song
a soldiers song
and celebrate St Patrick's Day

we remember and honor courage
and the struggle to be free
may their memory be ever green!
Thank you. Much appreciated.
It is good to always remember to give thanks to the men/women who fought and died for our country.
Happy Easter!
Happy Easter!

I was just this week listening to some of the wonderful songs that came out of that struggle for freedom, and the tragic aftermath.
And a truly blessed Easter to you, too.