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I am holding a large book. Is it not astounding to realize that not a single word in that book has a universally accepted meaning?

Every single word in the book (e.g. 'marriage') means whatever the reader wishes it to mean!


Translations can be inaccurate, this is true.
Every single world can change meaning over time as the culture that uses it changes. And those who refuse to acknowledge those changes become unable to communicate.
Words are subject to modifications based on the words surrounding them as well as the culture(s) in which they are penned and translated over time. Nothing is immutable, not even the heavens or the mountains.

- Erulisse (one L)
all is change
every atom of everything is in change
why should words be different?

the tower of babble is the symbol

humans resist change - and that is the paradox of our exustence
That is very true. The meaning of words changes through time. For example "let" used to mean to prevent (as in the phrase "place no let or hindrance"), now it means to allow. Context also changes the meanings of words.

"Marriage" has meant many things through the years and means something different in different places. Polygamy and polyandry are both forms of marriage, as is monogamy. There is no one single meaning.
Every person (who cares about the Bible) has the desire to interpret the Bible to fit their views. EVERY person.
I and those I live with try to fit our views and values on those of the Bible.