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God is Mystery. I am drawn into Mystery. I am called to profess, to attest, to affirm Mystery. I am called to engage with others as together we are drawn into Mystery in the day-to-day events of our lives.

I am not called to reason. I am not called to explain. I am not called to analyse.

Those who "know" will consider me a simpleton. So what!


interesting comment

the mystic has always been considered "strange"
the saint was "the weird one"

the tension between the church of the mystic and the church of the
god's love and the love of god knows no boundaries
Church of "saints ", the saved - or - Church of 'sinners" , people who struggle to even recognize god in their lives

Pope Frank seems to believe in a church of sinners - maybe even in a mystical church

it's a struggle from the very beginning - the law versus the spirit
was circumcision and the dietary laws necessary ?

The Pharisees to Jesus - which is the greatest law?

it seems to be human nature to want boundaries - definitions - limits - sanctions - it follows one step after another
this is the way it must be - you must be
it takes great courage to live outside of the boundaries
One of Pope Francis' first statements, when asked about homosexuality, answered: "Who am I to judge?".
ah but that is the easy one
it involves no choice

when choice is involved it is harder
but still there is following "mystery"
Oh yes. That's why I think so many Christians have wanted to go back to Old Testament type rules - even though it was made clear in Acts that they shouldn't - because it's easier to have a referral system.

Another thought provoking post!
True mystery can never be understood, but it is in the nature of man to attempt to make pathways clear, to inscribe laws and proscribe the motions a person must go through to attempt to reach mystery; in essence, to try to control that which is uncontrollable.

The essence of faith is the journey, not the destination.

- Erulisse (one L)
Yes, the journey is the important thing.
So what indeed.