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My post yesterday spoke of living the simple life. People with big wallets beware.

The Mirror newspaper is warning us to be careful if we keep our wallet in our back pocket! If one's  wallet is jam-packed with bills of all kinds - even money - it suggests it might be a good idea to start using a handbag or something else! Not because the wallet might be stolen, but because it's putting one's back, hips, neck, pelvis and even one's bottom at risk!

A doctor explains how sitting on a wallet "creates an asymmetry or imbalance that distorts the pelvis and hips." Having one hip sat higher than the other causes the back and neck to compensate for the unevenness and can lead to problems in these areas.
He says that, over time, this could lead to serious problems for joints, muscles and discs, resulting in pain and maybe worse.

I must check if I can get a nice fashionable clutch to carry around with me!


LOL man bags were very popular in the 80s
i never could get my husband to use one
he just weighed down his jacket pockets with all the things he needed