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Some people love to track the movements of planes and ships. Today the second largest super trawler in the world is fishing off the coast of Mauritania in west Africa but some times fishes off the Irish coast.

It’s called MFV Margiris and it drags a net bigger than a football field and could hold 3 super jets. This gigantic vessel can process over 250 tonnes of fish a day and, if stood on its end, it would be almost twice the height of Ireland’s tallest building. It flies the Lithuanian flag. Imagine the damage it is doing to our fishing stock.

This exact same vessel is already banned in Australia after a huge people-powered movement forced the government to ban it from their seas – a great example of what can be achieved when we come together to stand up for the environment and local communities.

Europe’s fishing industry is already catching far more than current fish stocks can bear. Super trawlers like Margiris have no concern for sustainable fisheries or over-exploited stocks.

Ireland needs low-impact, sustainable fishing industries that support regional jobs in coastal communities, not monster trawlers that send profits offshore, put at risk our high value recreational fisheries and kill protected marine life.

Our message is clear, Stop Super Trawlers on Irish Waters.


Draggers should have been banned decades ago as they are now in some waters.
Yes. These should be banned everywhere.