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What is the nature and role of prayer in my life today, I ask myself? Yesterday and today our Catholic young people (and one adult!) are making the Sacrament of Confirmation. Despite a Catholic education in our schools does it really mean anything in their spiritual life today or for the future? If not, why not?

Has my concept of God and prayer developed at all as I have grown into old age? When a mother asks me to pray for her son who is taking exams, I ask myself, what has she in mind? What is her concept of the Mystery we call God? Is it the same concept of God she had when she was a child? What concept of God are those who have left the formal "Church", rejecting? Are they rejecting merely their childhood concept of God and have found nothing else to replace it?

In the photo below why are the boy’s friends laughing at him? Have they reached an understanding of theology that he has not yet achieved? Is it just because he is “different” or because he has faith?


some of us who have left the church concept of god behind did so because we came to know it was but one way of looking at that mystery

if there are indeed many ways and many cultures does that mean there are many gods each with his/her own devotees or is there but one who allows the many ways?

the old fashioned thought was that there was but one god and one way - all else was wrong
but as we learned more about the world and other cultures could that way of thinking limit god?
and if god were limited would he/she be god?

we are constantly evolving - each person at their own rate

i tell people i will "pray for them" - because those are the tems they know - what i mean and what they mean may be quite different - does it matter??

what the words mean - i hear you - i care about you - may my caring give you some comfort

and the little boy and the children - they are being children - children want the security of "the same" - tell the story the same way - always be the way it is - difference is threatening - laughter is a way to defuse the threat

what did the person who took the photo mean?
what does it mean to the viewer?
There are so many questions. I presume the little boy's mother has taught him to express thanks for the food we eat. There is an ever increasing number who go hungry. I would hope the other childrens' mothers have done that for them too.
there is indeed a need for the young to recognize the prevalence of hunger
and we should be grateful for having food

but, in truth, that child does look a bit like a pious twerp
Jesus instructed that we should pray in secret
a heartfelt thank you does not need folded hands and downcast eyes

what is the point - the thank you or the public act?