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This is "Sofia." Sofia is a virtual child.

She was created by UNICEF, Sweden, using 500 images of real children in conflict to represent many millions of rejected children globally. She is not real.  She is the face of all the children suffering from emergencies no one talks about.

The issues Sofia has stirred up for many are so very real that her image has haunted them since they have seen it. Sofia not only represents children across the world, invisible in their plights, but those closer to home, the children whose stories are never heard, and who never get the opportunities they so deserve.

It is easy to be shocked and disillusioned with the lack of a response and lack of empathy for the suffering of children in any circumstance or any part of the world. How can people not respond?

My good friend, Donal Leader, is Advocacy Officer of our group's European region. His office deals with ideas, initiatives and information concerning social justice issues, Catholic Social Teaching and human rights. He says that he has never met a child whose story, strength, unique personality and talents did not teach him something wonderful and hopeful about the world, albeit a confusing one that seems brutal at times.

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Thank you for sharing that.
Hmm... looks a lot like Ellie. She's from the videogame Last of Us. [which is as one might suspect, post-apocalyptic]

She's designed to hook the gamers, to engage their sympathy and protect her as per the games story line. One cannot help but think that perhaps UNICEF might have tweaked Sofia slightly... although if they did that would be perfectly understandable.
I find it sad that since 55% of the population has brown eyes, that this 'virtual' child doesn't.
I think UNICEF is trying to get white folks on their side. Which I admit it understandable - some people only feel sympathy to those who are like them.
How perceptive of you!
Um... 55%?

ALL of China, India, most of the Muslim world, EVERY black soulborn.

We are looking at the majority, not just 55%.
I just did a quick google search as I knew that brown eyes were dominant (I have brown eyes!)
Good. Sofia means "wisdom", right?
That explains the non-human, cold-grey eyes.