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“Transformations are a part of life. ...
We are constantly being changed
by things changing around us.
Nobody can control that.
Nobody can control the environment,
the economy, luck, or the moods of others.
Compositions change.
Positions change.
Dispositions change.
Experiences change.
Opportunities and attitudes change.
You will change.
They say, "Look before you leap."
So look.
But do not look for too long.
Do not look into the void of uncertainty
trying to predict each and every possible outcome,
to evaluate every possible mistake,
to prevent each possible failure.
Look for the opportunity to leap,
and leap faster than your fear can grab you.
Leap before you talk yourself out of it,
before you convince yourself to

set up a temporary camp
that turns into a permanent delay
on your journey into your own heart.”
Vironika Tugaleva & Suzy Kassem


1. What opportunities for growth did I take this week?
2. What opportunities did I miss!
3. What challenges do I see before me?
4. What events challenged me this week?
5. What prevented me from risking this week?


Great post.