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I understand ISIS are taking a three week holiday while the English soccer fans are in France.

English newspapers this morning are covered with reports of the violence before and after the England V Russia game yesterday. A lot of finger pointing towards the police and the Russian "thugs". However there is little concern about the rhetoric of politicians and the media when anti-immigrant feelings are stirred up as part of the so called referendum "debate". Politicians and the media have a responsibility not to build on prejudice and fear. The violence in France has a context.



It appears that this mob are 'out' voters almost to a person.

I genuinely fear living in a country with this sorry crowd in the driving seat.
The violence in France has a context...

And isn't this the truth! The media and the politicians have been oh-so-busy stirring up a poisonous brew of small-minded nationalism, ignorance and xenophobia... Whatever the results of the referendum, we are going to be reaping the consequences for years to come.
This isn't anything new with football fans, though, is it? We go to rugby matches all over the place and there's never a bit of trouble. We mix, we drink together, we shout for our teams and we respect the opposition. There's a tribalism in football supporters.
It's a class thing, sadly. Football is the working class sport, rugby is middle class. And yes, there is a tribalism in football supporters that can even be sectarian, like Celtic and Rangers.
(Mylodon here in a different guise!) There is a bit of a class element in rugby vs footie but not as much as perhaps in the past. The whole atmosphere even at domestic games is toxic. we have three daughters and take them to all sorts of sports but they got to the point they hated football games because they were so uncomfortable.
Sad, sad behavior. Indeed, the violence in France has a context........
The context of this is that British football fans have long taken the games as a venue to indulge in vicious antisocial behavior. Theodore Dalrymple has found them subjects for discussion long before the referendum.

Let's not whitewash their actions. They do it because they like to do it.
Long but interesting article. For myself, I have NO interest in football.


Very well said.