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LAUDATO SI' - First Anniversary

Since published in June 2015 Pope Francis’ letter “Laudato Si” has had a deserved and widespread influence on policies on climate change. His letter, written not just for Catholics, but for people of all faiths, stressed some of the most important issues facing the world today, including climate change, the environment, poverty and the world economy. The cry of the earth is the cry of the poor.

During the year since “Laudato Si” Pope Francis visited the United States where he met with top government officials, addressed the United Nations General Assembly where he encouraged care for the planet, and stressed the growing of economies through clean energy and new technologies. Above all else he urged the world to come together to take immediate action to protect our planet and allow people from all walks of life to flourish.

Last December leaders from 195 countries negotiated for two weeks and finally reached a global agreement - the Paris agreement - to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the primary factor driving climate change. The ambition is to keep global temperature rise to 1.5 C as climate rises already threaten the survival of some states.

At least it’s a start.


As you say, it's a start, but we all know which governments will sign on and do nothing concrete. :o(
Too true - probably many of them.