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I’ve been reading about the Bilderburg Group. It’s one of the most secretive and powerful organizations.  With virtually no corporate media coverage, this ultra-exclusive 2016 meeting kicked off last Thursday in Dresden.

Nearly 130 politicians, financiers, and industrialists are attending this year’s conference, with the guest list including the chief of the International Monetary Fund, as well as the former heads of the CIA and MI6. These secretive meetings have been held annually since 1954.

The annual meeting of these global power players — including representatives from government, private industry, media, finance, think tanks, academia, as well as numerous other organizations representing both private and public interests — began their closed-door meetings amid a heavily armed security presence, and extremely little in the way of transparency — with journalists being arrested.

“No minutes will be taken. No reporters will be allowed in. There will be no opening press conference, no closing statement, and participants will be asked not to quote each other.”

Participants are bound by what’s known as the Chatham House Rule, which allows people to make use of the information they’ve received, but not reveal the identity or affiliation of the person who gave it to them. With so many high-powered attendees and so little media coverage, many question the actual intent of the annual meeting.

Make no mistake about it, the fortunes of rulers are created at this event. Will it decide whether Britain will remain in or out of Europe?


here in the US we have a saying about the "Golden Rule"
"He who has the gold - rules"
And isn't it true?
I don't buy the Bildeberg control paranoia, but we've just had a decent (female) socialist MP murdered by a (male) fascist reactionary which makes me fear for my future in this benighted country of ours :o(
What drives such murderers? Is it just to show they can do it?
Hatred and politicians fomenting hatred as ours have been doing this past few weeks.

I find it boggling that the political classes have so little understanding of cause and effect!
Were I terrorist or anarchist or something of that ilk, that would be my target. It says something then that such-like groups blow up churches or shoot-up night-clubs full of people who have no damn say in how things are run.
I wouldn't worry too much about the Bilderburgers - they've been the conspiracist's favorite at least since I was a boy in the 1960's. You might as well worry about the Masons or the Illuminati.

Real power, in America, at least, is wielded by corporations who funnel vast sums of cash into campaigns with the promise of receiving much vaster sums of cash through legislation. Whatever nefarious schemes the Bilderburgers may have had in mind, they've been outflanked and out maneuvered by huge corporations looking for bucks.
There's a lot in what you say, I think. But any gathering of 180 politicians, financiers, and industrialists must affect the status quo and should be above board.
This is not the event to watch if you want to know who rules th world. Check out Davos each year. It's the Superbowl of Wealth. The Cannes Film Festival of Filthy Rich with their own Palm D'Or award (which they all get because they are ALL filthy rich.)