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It is only in recent years that I'm realizing how we are one with the Universe. When Queen Victoria said “We are not amused” was she speaking on behalf of the Empire or was she perhaps hinting at  some kind of possession?

Christians believe that God speaks through the wonders of creation. To deny this is to deny in some way the story of the Universe. Revelation comes from an experience of the Divine. Psalm 19 says: "The heavens tell of your glory, O God, and the firmament proclaims your handiwork".

The world as we know it is slipping away. Scientists tell us that, at the current rate of destruction, tropical rainforests could be gone within as little as 40 years. The seas are being over-fished and coral reefs are dying. Biologists tell us that we are currently at the start of the largest mass extinction event since the disappearance of the dinosaurs.

The earth is in trouble and we humans are to blame. We are equal partners with all that exists in a material and evolving universe, and are at a critical decision point. Either we develop a better relationship with the Earth or we destroy ourselves and life on the planet.

We, like Victoria, should not be amused.


As stewards of this world, we have been failing abysmally. The world, however, seems able to continue despite extinctions. So I'm sure the world will thrive with new stewards once we have managed to eradicate ourselves from its' surface.

Here's hoping our own stupidity doesn't carry every other living creature along with us.

- Erulisse (one L)
I, personally, am not amused. But I take the long view - once we've destroyed the environment and the food chain collapses and all life on earth ends, life will return and we won't be there to screw it up.
your words are powerful
thank you
speak your truth, the truth of the earth, to all who will hear you!
Well said.