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I suppose you thought that prayer books were a thing of the past! No way. In these digital age travellers of all kinds around the world can say a few old time prayers.

In the past, a little book of short prayers helped many Irish soldiers serving abroad to keep in touch. They could put the small prayer book in their pocket and then go to military training. However, after their training or exercises, they put their uniform into the washing machine and, hey presto, the prayerbook was destroyed. So, because everybody has a smartphone nowadays, Irish army chaplains serving in Africa came up with the idea of a prayer app.

The little app is called 'Mingy'. The name comes from the practice in Africa of small roadside traders calling out "Mingy, Mingy, Mingy" meaning, 'We have lots of things here'.

In addition to Christian prayers, "Mingy" also contains spiritual scriptures and prayers of other religions for soldiers who are Muslims, Jews or Buddhists.

A priest has shown 'Mingy' to Pope Francis who gave it his blessing.


We still have my other half's dad's Book of Common Prayer (the Protestant King James one) that went with him through two world wars :o)
Fair dues to him. I hope it brought him peace.
What a good idea.
they might want to rethink that name
it reminded me of how my mother described something that was frayed and faded - it was mingy
so, i looked it up in the dictionary
they might want to check it out

(my mother had a wonderful vocabulary )
We used the term 'mangy' for unpleasant things.
In this case mingy is pronounced: ming-ee
i's a great idea
i hope nobody else uses a dictionary : )
"Mingy" in my dialect meant mean and lacking, similar to "stingy". So while I like the idea of the book, I'm not sure the name is going to be a success.