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I'm enjoying a week's holiday in Dublin this week. And what lovely weather I have been blessed with - the highest temperature ever recorded in Dublin!

I am staying in Synge Street and about 100 yards further up the same street is the house in which George Bernard Shaw was born and lived.  Another 100 yards beyond that is the canal of which James Joyce wrote and where you have the statue of the man himself sitting on his favorite seat, deep in thought!

This lovely sultry evening many were sitting, walking or cycling on the same canal bank, enjoying the weather and life itself, if not deep in thought like Joyce.

Shaw's was not the happiest of childhoods, but one of his friends and admirers was Patrick O'Reilly. O'Reilly was a dustman in the area for 40 years, and Shaw made a dustman famous in Pygmalion and My Fair Lady. In fact it was O'Reilly, and not the Dublin Corporation, who collected the money to erect the plaque on the wall of the Shaw house in Synge Street.

The house was neglected for years and is only now being repaired and turned into a museum of Shaw's life and works.


Shaw is one of my favorite people : )
The street was named after the Church of Ireland Bishop Edward Synge of Elphin Diocese in the west of Ireland, who owned property in the area at the time of his death in 1762.

He was a great-great-great granduncle of John Millington Synge, the famous playwright who wrote The Playboy of the Western World.
thank you
i noticed the name