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Today I visited a number of places I had known over the last 70 years. I suppose it shows I'm getting old and visiting old haunts!

First I visited and had breakfast in the fine Irish Islamic Cultural Centre in the south city. Afterwards I spent some time praying in the Mosque. A number of Muslims were also praying quietly there. (Don't tell Donal Trump!)

Later I had lunch in the St. Helens, Radison Hotel, also in south Dublin. I had a particular interest in visiting this building as I lived there for five years when it was the novitiate of my Religious group.  This particular afternoon some large business company had sponsored a family day on one of the lawns to the rear of the main building. Everything was free! Food and drink galore. At one point I was invited to try the freshly cut ear from the fully cooked entire head of a pig!

Later still I  visited another house of formation I taught in. It has  now been developed by the Government as Dún Laoghaire Istitute of Art, Design and Technology.

So I had quite a busy day.


That sounds like a lovely day! I have enjoyed reading of your adventures lately, I hope you continue well.
Thank you.
That sounds like such an interesting day - thank you for sharing it with us.
Lovely when folk of different faiths can pray together.