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If you are into horses you will know that the Dublin Horse Show (The Royal Dublin Show) took place over the last four or five days. It is an international annual event that attracts the elite of the show-horsey world. The dates were changed this year to accommodate the lucky riders who will also be participating in the Rio Olympics.

The main event of the show is the Aga Khan Trophy, or the Nations Cup. Our own national jumping team always does very well in this. However, this year we were nipped in the closest finish by the Italian team in an intense jump-off.

Appearing for the first time in Ireland and displaying skills that have brought him all over the world, Spanish equestrian artist Santí Serra marked his RDS debut at this year’s Show. Santi’s skills with horses have been worked to perfection to make his amazing routine seem effortless:



What a lovely video. I'm really looking forward to the Rio Olympics and plan on watching as many of the equestrian events as possible.

- Erulisse (one L)
though not a horsey person - i was not one of those i have to have a pony children - i enjoy watching horse events - i appreciate the shills involved

horses are extremely intelligent and sensitive - the rider really needs to understand the horse and know how to communicate with him/her
That man's skills are amazing.
I understand he 'sleeps' with his horses!
I wonder how he can do that, as I believe horses sleep standing up? Maybe he bunks in the stable, so they have his smell to hand.
I love the rose trellises on either side of the hurdle.