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For the last few years we have been reading and hearing a great deal in the media about the abuses carried out in various orphanages throughout the country.  Abuses did occur and are to be deplored. But great work was also done in those institutions under terrible conditions and must not  be forgotten. Imagine trying to cope with such numbers of teenagers 24/7 in the 40's and 50's during a World War and its aftermath!

This is meal time in one of our own orphanages during World War 2 when food was scarce and times were very difficult for all, but especially for orphanages.


but kind of emotional support in such dreadful times could be given to so many?

and under the dire conditions emotionally that existed in those places?
I'm not disputing that orphanages gave a roof over the kid's head and meals for each child to eat; but they also regimented thir charges, mandating what they should do at every stage of the day. Physical abuse as well as sexual abuse occurred often as well, not just at the institutions in your country, but at such places throughout the world.

- Erulisse (one L)