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I feel lucky to have been born into the present enlightened 20th and 21st. centuries. Fancy being born and having to live among the millions of ignorant people who could not distinguish between truth and superstition,  a people who were considered among themselves to be erudite philosophers, theologians and writers! Even teenagers today can  recognize superstition and distinguish it from truth and reality. In their wisdom they have ceased to call themselves 'Christians'.

Much of our traditional Christian religion, these young people tell us, is now known to be technically 'superstition': whereas properly conducted afterlife investigations are "scientific" and "empirical". We can now read for ourselves the outrageous "beliefs - without - evidence" held by traditional Christians. One of our astute politicians (John Halligan) who represents the people of Waterford and is Minister of State for Training, Skills and Innovation is able to assure us in an interview today: "God doesn't exist but aliens probably do". He reasons: "I couldn't believe a God could exist because nobody could create a world of raging war, murders and rapes". He adds: "I don't think there's any God - I know for a fact there's not". I find this assurance very comforting.

Why wasn't I told all this 84 years ago? Sad to say, in my innocence I have always considered Christianity to be a faith, a set of beliefs, based on historical events that have been reliably recorded in the Bible which, I believed, is the most well-attested and internally consistent ancient document in history, especially the New Testament, in which multiple eyewitnesses recorded non-contradictory, complementary reports of what Jesus said, and did, and what it all means. Christian faith, I believed, is based upon the reliability of those reports. If they are not historically factual, then of course, Christianity is a superstition.

It is good that modern 'learning' has finally seen the light, discovered 'Truth',  and is putting us on the right road to a happy future. Unfortunately Halligan also assures us that "in a short time the earth will be gone, the solar system will be destroyed, our sun will burn up and burn out and destroy all the planets".

Such reasoning and logic must be respected and accepted by all. 


"A short time"?!? More like thousands or millions of years. Of course that's a short time in the life span of the universe, but still.
well, no

the old testament is theological exposition in the form of "stories" loosely based in history

even the new testament is didactic not history
there were many versions of his teaching in the first centuries
the "attacks on heresy" by Tertulian and other attest to that.

what we have now is what the church decided they wanted to be official - it was all written well after Jesus death.

we know very little about the man Jesus and what he taught

what we have is not the foundation by Jesus but the creation of Paul and those who followed

much of what is church doctrine accumulated over time and has been subject to interpretation - it has bee two thousand years

It's a belief system - one of many that exist
it is rooted in a time and place - has a history - spread sometimes by force

today it is a choice for those who choose to believe in can be a comfort
What you say may be true. But ...

My point is that every go-the-road nowadays has suddenly become a historian, philosopher and theologian.

Did none of the scholars of the last 2,000 years know nothing of what you are saying! They encouraged "Christian Faith" not human "reasoning" and "history".

Must everything be in accord with human reasoning?
we no longer live in an Age of Faith
what was wanted a thousand years ago is not what is needed now

we live in the Age of Science - of things that can be proved - of rationality

but the world still needs the teaching of Jesus (or whoever)
but the package needs to be different
maybe in another hundred years church leaders will ask the question "what is needed now" and not "how can we convince them of what we have"

too much of what the church has told the people had little to do with the lives they were leading
Francis is trying but the way to the future is being blocked by Bishops firmly entrenched in the past
I think it's about what works for you.

Worry less that it doesn't necessarily work for others.

Many people find Quakers odd. I don't, but that may be because I am one! :o)
I think you are probably right. But it is sad to see so many young people walking away from a faith they do not yet understand.
But they often walk towards faiths that they do.

Pagan belief is growing mightily, for example and when you get past the idiots prating about 'devil worship' it contains some really fine things.