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Irish School-leaving results were published on Wednesday. Great joy for many, great sadness for others. Many secured sufficent points for university places but will find it almost impossible, because of high rents or lack of accommodation, to take up those places. Ireland is no longer a place for young people, or indeed for old people either. The fates of the two generations are, in fact, linked.
There is a looming pensions crisis. Will the State, which is to say the taxpayer, continue to be able to pay the State pension at today's rates? Add to this is the increase in the ageing population and the soaring cost of health.

Both young and old are becoming more and more dependent on fewer and fewer tax-payers. It has been calculated that by 2055 there will be two working people supporting one pensioner! No country could afford to go on like that and it is young people growing up today who, above all, are going to have to bear the burden of a system which is building up huge numbers of economic dependents. Because of this, many people are postponing marriage and having a family.

Another reason for postponing starting a family, of course, is the enormous value young people put on their personal freedom. One must be able to keep new cars on the road, several foreign holidays, gym membership and busy social life! No parents should have to compromise their own enjoyment in favour of having children. In other words, having children, in the minds of some, should not have any impact on one's luxury and leisure activities. Proper family formation is no longer affordable.


Or say, rather, that it has to be a choice for those who get a choice.

So sorry to hear this.
having children is a responsibility
Nobody should do it until they are ready
the world doesn't need children who don't have the love and opportunities to grow and flourish

if new cars - gym - vacations - are important that's what they should do
when and if a child is important then become a parent

and having children is expensive - it can be very expensive!
poor children pay the price when funds aren't available because parents are working hard but costs are more than several salaries can meet